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Conference on the Design/Optimization of the Silicon Detector at the International Linear Collider


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(parking, wireless, etc)
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Wireless on the CU campus:

The first time you try to get on the CU wireless network, you will be prompted for a username and password. A temporary account has been set up for conference participants. You can find all relevant information in this pdf: CU WIRELESS ACCESS.

If you MUST Park...:

Parking on campus is limited and highly discouraged, but if you must, public paid parking is available at the University of Colorado Euclid Autopark, located just east of the UMC on Euclid Street. Also, you may try to look for free residential parking in walking distance of campus on the west side of Broadway (directly across from Regent drive-see map). For maps of campus lots and other parking information, call CU Parking Services at 303-492-7384 or visit their website. (If prompted for a password on this site, please enter the username and password provided in the CU WIRELESS ACCESS link above).


Very Important! Football Game Day:

The CU Buffs have a televised, home football game on Thursday, Sept. 18th at 6:30 p.m. On this day, most all campus parking lots will be unavailable. Roads through campus may be closed at various times during the day and evening. Please ask us if you have specific questions about how this will affect your transportation plans.